Ye Guangqin

Residence Period: 03.05.2017-31.05.2017

ICA - October writers' residence Prague

Ye Guangqin, an ethnic Manchu novelist, translator and essayist, was born in Beijing in 1948 and grew up in Shaanxi. Now she is a first class writer of China and also a member of the Chinese Writers Association, former president of West Peihua University Women's College.


Style of writing

Ye Guangqin has tried many different styles , themes and also many genres including novel, essay, non-fiction, drama. So she has many famous works and known by people around the nation. Her most contribution is in Beijing style literary and very good at describing the life of big clans in Beijing.

Much of Ye’s fiction, including the historical novels Inside the Gate of Heavenly Purity and The Imperial Matchmaker, is set in Beijing and tells stories of the Manchu aristocracy. Her works inherited the essence of Beijing style literary which is represented by Lao She, and retain the unique culture heritage of ancient Beijing.



Caisongzi /Song of Picking Mulberries  ,  Little Cowherd , Signal Left, Turn Right  , The Luofu River and Me ,Beware of Bears ,  wind rustling rain Xiaoxiao  , Douzhi mind , Qingmuchuan , Summer Palace of loneliness and so on.



She has won many awards , like The Lu Xun Literature Prize, The Lao She Literature Prize, The Xiao Hong Literature Prize, The Chinese female Literature Prize, The Chinese Environmental Literature Prize and son on .

Her autobiography, The Luofu River and Me, won the Fifth Junma Award.

Novellas , Wind rusting rain xiaoxiao, won the second Lu Xun Literature prize