Vltava International Youth Brass Festival GUIDE

Vltava International Youth Brass Festival

Prague 2016 

Guide | Průvodce

Vltava International Youth Brass Festival is organized by Inter Culture Association, and supported by Professional Musical Organizations and local municipal.

Part I  General

1.Culture Core: Unity in diversity


Young eople who interested in choral groups are welcome to enroll Brass Festival, there is no limitation to number of groups, but in principle, the number of people within a group no more than 75 people.  

3. Activity Slogan:  Being Together

4. Theme: Passion


Part II  Time & Content

Brass competitions scheduled at 12.02.2016 held in Prague.

16.07.2016 to be confirmed

Venue: Prague


Part III  Brass Competitions

Programs and Performance Time

The total duration time for each brass competition song is limited between 20 to 25 minutes;

Performing at least one modern works;


Under 15 years old category

Under 22 years old category

No age limit category

     Each participant group may participant 2 categories as maximum

Special Category:

Free style Concert (can be with instrument music and dancing) 10-15minutes

Should be full arrangement, with obvious national style or modern time style


Competition Music and Change

The Submission deadline: 30.11.2015

The latest deadline for the change of competition song: 30.12.2015

(For local choirs, deadline can be prolonged)


The starting order for the Brass Competition:  will be announced before 31.1.2016


Evaluation Criteria(Jury Team will publish the final version)

1)    intonation

2)    quality of tone and sound

3)    phrasing

4)    technical performance

5)    rhythm

6)    dynamic

7)    Interpretation

8)    tempo(timing)

9)    orchestra of repertoire according to the abilities of the orchestra

10) entire artistic impression

 Judges will rate and give comments after performance, average is the effective rate.


Awards Established (the final version to be confirmed)

Golden Award/Silver Award/& single Award

Part IV  Support

Supporting Units

Choral Association of the Czech Republic

municipal government of Prague

Member of the European Parliament

Part V  Registration and Requirements

Registration deadline: 30.11.2015

Application Materials

The following materials must be submitted before deadline:

1. A completed application form;

2. An Introduction of Symphonic Band (English), submitted with WORD document format (note: 250 characters or less);

3. 1 ~ 2 sheets Symphonic Band photos, size not smaller than 12 x 7.5 cm, no less than 300 dpi pixels, no more than two years (note: preferably jpg format);

The Program List for Participation of Choral Competition

Please submit the program list for participation of brass competition to the Organizing Committee (note: word document format), including the works information: song title, time duration, music, songwriter, copyright information and etc.

1 copy of the music SHEET(noty)

Accompaniment Requirements

The Organizing Committee provide piano, if there is other music instruments demand, Symphonic Band shall make their own arrangements or send notice in advance to the Organizing Committee for negotiated settlement.  

Registration Method

Please register before the deadline and send e-mail to the Organizing Committee.  It is also advised to call the Organizing Committee.


Part VI  Broadcast Recording Rights

Broadcast Recording Rights

During ICAFEST Festival period, the Organizing Committee has the right to process recording, filming and photographing jobs against each participant performance, as well as has its recording, shooting all copyright content and usage rights.


Organizing Committee Address

ICA FEST Organization Committee

krejciho 6, 18000 Praha 8-Czech Republic

Phone00420 724 234 172

Emailicafest@gmail.com   ccica1@hotmail.com

 Other Rights

In participation of Choral Festival deemed to agree with the above constitutions, the Choral Festival Organizing Committee has the final interpretation right to the constitutions, as well as the rights of supplementary and amendment.

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