Support by Czech Chorus Association

Support by Czech Chorus Association

I am very glad to have been involved in the organization works of the ICA FEST event organized by you, the inter Cutlural Association, and I am pleased that the series International Culture & Art Festivals in continuing and progressing.

I see the skilled unprofessional young or event teenager players are appoaching professional levels, I see so many music lovers, I see also difference way to understand music works between players from different countries.

I think the series of ICA Festival is really a good platform for music players, singers, artist to know eacher other, understand each other, and learn each other, espeicially deeper view each other between east and west.

I do hope that there will be more and more artist teams come to this plat form, more and more people playing not only with good skills, but also by their heart and love, more and more performances showing not only talent, but also the true feelings. More and more people compete not only for prize, but also for spirit.

I do hope your ICA FEST more and more successful.

Especially I wish you next success of the Vltava International Choir Festival hold during February 2014, and the International youth art festival hold during summer time 2014.