Prague City

Prague is an unique city of Musicians, here is place for greatest musicians, here is place for the famous Prague Spring Music Festival, and here is open heart for our excellent young music players.


I would like to follow up on the successful International Youth Art Festival 2013, which took place in Prague July of this year. I am very glad that this festival, which gave a great opportunity to young players from various countries to perform together, learn from each other and influence one another, was a success, among all thanks to the continuous effeort of the Czech-Chiense Inter Culture Association as the organizer of the event.

Prague is the host of the famous Prague Spring Music Festival and a whole variety of other music events and activities, thus we would very much welcome if also the next year's International Youth Art Festival, as well as the Vltava International Choir Festival, both to be organized by the Czech-Chiense Interculture Associaiton, could take place in Prague.

We are convinced that both festivals would find adequate facilities in our city and that all the participants would enjoy their stay here!