Světlana Tvrzická

Světlana Tvrzická was born in Moscow. From 1964 – 1974 she attended the English Language School and Children's School of Choral Singing. She then attended the training institute of the Moscow Academy of Music, studying conducting and choirmastership and graduating in 1979. During her studies she rehearsed with the children´s choir of Moscow Radio and TV with Professor Popov. She then started to study at the Russian Academy of Music, in the faculty of conducting - choral singing. At the same time she worked as a choirmistress in the Children‘s Music School of Choral Singing in Moscow. In 1987 she started to work as a choirmistress in the Children's Music Theatre. In March 1988 she moved to Czechoslovakia. In January 1989 she was admitted to the Czech Philharmonic Children’s Choir, where she works as a choirmistress. In 1999 she moved to Klánovice, where she founded the children´s choir "Claireton Chorale".