Ma Yuan

Residence Period: 02.05-30.06.2016

ICA - October writers' residence Prague

Ma Yuan

Born in 1953. Graduated from Liaoning University in 1983, and then moved to Lhasa, where he worked with Tibetan Radio. Fiction writer, screen writer, essayist.

Article by Steven J. Venturino on Ma Yuan: Ma Yuan’s Tibetan Stories: Apostrophizing the Catastrophe

Original Works

Short stories

Cuowu (错误)

Translated as Mistakes, by Helen Wang

Xugou (虚构)

Translated as Fabrication, by J.Q. Sun

Gangdise de youhuo (冈底斯的诱惑)

Translated as The Spell of the Gangdise Mountains, by Herbert Batt

You shen (游神)

Translated as Vagabond Spirit, byHerbert Batt

Die zhi yao de san zhong fangfa (叠纸鹞的三种方法)

Translated as Three Ways to Fold a Paper Hawk, by Herbert Batt

Ximalaya gu ge (希玛拉雅古歌)

Translated as Ballad of the Himalayas: Stories of Tibet, by Herbert Batt

Hei dao (黑道)

Translated as The Black Road, byHerbert Batt

Xiao Zhaxi he tade yi da dui meimiao de xiangfa (小扎西和他的一大堆美妙的想法)

Translated as Little Zhaxi and His Load of Wonderful Thoughts, by R. Tyler Cotton


Xihai wu fanchuan (西海无帆船)

Translated as No Sail on the Western Sea, by Tony Blishen

Translated as The Master, by Tony Blishen


No Sail on the Western Sea

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