Dear Friends´╝î

Our ICAFEST series culture events started from year 2012, and it is growing for 7 years. It is a brand of international culture exchange for friendship, for fun, and for development.

ICAFEST brand is not on is not only organize its own culture events, but also open to various cooperation that brings culture exchange. The form of activity is also diverse.

ICAFEST is a good platform for music players, singers, artists to know each other, understand each other, and learn each other, especially deeper view each other between east and west.

We do believe that there will be more and more teams come to perform on this platform, not only with good skills, but also by heart and love, not only showing the talents, but also the true feelings, not only for prize but also for spirit.

We warmly invite you to join us, and we do belive that you will enjoy it.

We are looking forward to meeting you!