Hard As Water(English)

Feng Feng, Hua Bin, Gu Biao, - three contemporary Chinese artists will open their exhibition on 23rd June 2015 in Prague gallery - Gallery 1. The exhibition will take place from 23rd till 27th of June 2015.

Feng Feng –“ soul in ruins” .His painting are like his emotions and his legendary life.

Bin Hua is young and institute studied painter in tradition but creative in modern.

Biao Gu evolved from the traditional folk art environment to “no border” sculpture creation.

Looking at their work, we see Chinese simple ink, still full with emotions and creation. We see water flowing with various figure creation. Water is performing with their artistic individuality, expression, and pursuit. 

Feng Feng is an artist with a great personality.He was born in 1958 in Shenyang, graduated from Tianjin University in year 1981, then worked as a reporter and editor, resigned in 1987, then became professional writer, photographer, doing construction, oil painting etc. For decades, eventually he put these experiences into ink and continues to express his life style by this way. Simply speaking, he chose the real life, and his real life is the art style. During the 2015, Feng Feng has been busy in his Solo Exhibition “Over the Hill” in China, at the same time, he initiated the Prague exhibition caused by his love for Prague.

Bin Hua was born in 1975 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, he specialized in Chinese painting and graduated from the Nanjing Art Institute, then continued to study Chinese Art history and gained the Master’s Degree. After that, Bin Hua worked in Suzhou Academy of Fine Arts and focused in Fine Art works creation.

Nowadays he is director of the Department of Tradition, member of Chinese Artists Association.

Biao Gu, Born in 1963 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, entered the Wuxi Institute of clay figurine during year 1980, and learned from Mr. Jingen Zhou and Mr. Guodong Wang of figurines creation. Later he became a student of a very famous Chinese arts & crafts master Mr. Liu Jiakui. During year 1987, Biao Gu admitted to Fine Arts Department of Zhenjiang Teachers College, to get a professional education. He has 30 years experience of art creation, both completed a systematic study of fine arts institutions, and strictly trained Huishan clay figurines folk art skills, succeeded complete the integration of the transformation of contemporary art concepts and traditional folk art.

Opening ceremony: 23.06.2015, 18:00 p.m.

Venue: Gallery 1, Stepanska 47, Prague 1

Exhibition duration: 23.6.-27.06.2015