What is ICA FEST?

ICA FEST is a series International Culture and Art Festivals organized by Inter Culture Association.

It is the platform for youth, teenagers, and Adults to show their art talent and skills.

The purpose is to provide a space for art lovers, encourage their self-confidence, give chance of idea exchange between peoples, especially youth and teenagers from different countries, and open window for them to have wider vision. It provides also space for seniors to enjoy their life experience and happy lives.

There will be a subject and specification of artistic expression for each event, and some of the event will include competition section and non-competition section.

Which kind of programs included in the ICA FEST?

Wide ranges: Symphony, band music, other instrumental music, chorus, dance, painting, drama

Various activities: competitions, exhibitions, exchange of performances, forums, camping, party

Who can participant the ICA FEST?

The Festival is opening to all organizations, schools, youth, teenagers and adults who are interested in arts.

There will be specification of participants according to subjects and program range of each event.

When is the ICA FEST?

Whole year.

Compitition Music and Choir Festival mostly during summer time (July and August) and Winter time(February).

Visual Festival, Exibitions, and Art course training program during the year.

The 1st International Youth Art Festival took place on 27th July 2012, the 2nd was held on 26th July and 16th August 2013.

Where is the ICA FEST?

 The host city will be always in middle Europe, mostly in the Czech Republic with rich tradition of art and the famous event Prague Spring.

How to know the ICA FEST plan?

Please check our web-site, for big event will be promotion on professional art magazines, newspapers and web-sites

Where can find more information of ICA FEST?