Competition Guide

Mezinárodní festival umění mládeže 2012

International Youth Art Festival


Competition Guide - Průvodce Guide


Česká republika ·Písek

Czech Republic ·Písek


Music belongs to all people in the world, and the melody is the unique language and spiritual dialogue of musicians.

Let’s meet in Pisek! Welcome to our International Youth Art Festival!

Our purpose is to give young players an opportunity to communicate, learning each other, and making friends. Give them an opportunity to show their music talent.

2、Theme of Competition 2012: Ethnic Brand and Classic Fussion


Date: 27.07.2012 (to be confirmed)

Time: 10:00-18:00(to be confirmed)


Opening Ceremony


Award Ceremony/Closing Ceremony

4、About the Competition

*Application Deadline:15.05.2012

*Competition Date:27.07.2012 (to be confirmed)

*Who can participant:Music players in group, Band music is the best, Choir, Orchestra are also welcome

*which kind of performance:mainly by group performance(no limit of number of players)

*Age: better under 18 years old


Total playing time is within 25 minutes(2-3tracks)

At least 1(or more)by native composer, other free

It is possible to use national instrument as necessary

It is possible to play part of a work

Welcome national characteristics, welcome which represent national musical culture,

welcome new works, welcome classical, modern, traditional folk music

*Tracks declaration Deadline:15.05.2012

*Approved: Committee will reply the approved tracks to participants, if committee receive nothing within 14 days, means participants will not make any change

*Of apperance:will be informed till 01.07.2012

*Judges:5 professional judges


1. overall impression: part balance, general harmony

2. tune and Rhythm

3. loyalty to music score

4. expression of music style and emotion

5. conductor

Judges will rate and give comments after performance, average is the effective rate

*Awards(to be confirmed)

Group awards Gold/Silver/Copper

Best Performance

Best Show

Best Sound

Best Feature

Special Gold

Individual Award

Excellent Individual Performance

Excellent Director


Application form

Introduction of group (simple/by word file)

Photo of the group, size bigger than 300dpi(by computer file)

Track list(digital) and music score(better 3 copies)


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