October Writers’ Residence·Prague

23/05/2015 00:55

October Writers’ Residence·Prague

It is a platform set up by Beijing Publishing Group 《October》 magazine publishing agency and the Inter Culture Association. It is a public service platform for overseas literature creation exchange. It intends to provide an opportunity for Chinese writers and artist to have a quite space and different living experience for their creation. This residence is also supporting the literature exchange events.

Introduction of the Residence

The Residence is located in Prague 2, near the Charles square, 1 km from Wenceslas Square1.5 km from the Old town square, and 1.5 km from Charles Bridge, approx.. 600m from the river. There is green park in front of the residence, and typical beer restaurants, supermarkets and other living facilities. The residence is in a New Art style building with the Prague castle view. A famous writer Karolina Světlá lived in this building, she was a Czech female author of the 19th century. She was a representative of the literary May School. “May school” originates from the Karel Hynek Mácha’s poet “May”, Mácha's genius was discovered and glorified much later by the poets and novelists of the 1850s (e.g., Jan Neruda, Vítězslav Hálek, and Karolina Světlá) and "Máj" is now regarded as the classic work of Czech Romanticism and it is considered one of the best Czech poems ever written.It contains forebodings of many of the tendencies of 20th-century literature: existentialism, alienation, isolation, surrealism, and so on. The neighbor house of the Residence was the place where Mácha wrote his “May”.

The Residence is about 110 m2 large with 1 big living room and 1 bedroom. Besides of the living facilities, there are prepared Chinese versions of the Czech writer’s books for reading.

Opening ceremony


How to apply for writer´s residence

Please contct to "October" or ICA z.s.

About October


Octoberis a literature magazine that was founded by literature editors in the year 1978 and has been mainly publishing novels, essays, plays, poems, and other literature works.

October publishing agency received a short size or short novels contributions of high quality, but because it was too short to publish as a book, an idea to create a magazine for the short literature works arose.


October is the first literature bi-monthly magazine after the “Culture Revolution”. The starting of October is a landmark event of Chinese literature development. The magazine published a lot of valuable literary works. Till year 1981 its edition size grew up to 60 million copies already. It generally encouraged the literature magazine’s founding in China.

Partly valuable works published in October

"Unrequited Love" by Bai Hua, Peng Ning

"Garland under mountain " by Li Cunbao

"The stone" by Zong Pu

"Butterfly", "Difficult to meet " by Wang Meng

"Sunset Glow" by Li Ping

'Huts covered with ivy. " by Gu Hua

"Heavy wings" by Zhang Jie

"The No.1 Restaurant" by He Jiping

"Beijingers in New York" by Cao Guilin

"Mother" "Absolute signal", "Station" by Gao Xingjian

" Love words in Dungeon " "Green Tree" by Zhang Xianliang

"Black Steed" "North River" by Zhang Chengzhi

"People & families in JiWoWa," "December-January" "Nintendogs," "Castle" "The Abandoned Capital" by Jia Ping-wa

"Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out" "The Garlic BAllads" "Dog Track" by Mo Yan

"Dream of Yaogou people ", "Towards to the Heaven." By Yen Lianke

"White Snake" by Yan Geling

"Empty Mirror" by Wan Fang

"Life Show" "coming and going" by Chi Li

"5th Garden Street " by Li Guowen

"North Toward" by Liu Qingbang

"October" has published a number of influential section script works.

About Inter Culture Association

ICA Inter-Culture Association, was registered in the year 2007 with base in Prague, Czech Republic.Main Activities are including organization of international cultural, art and social events and exchange programs.

It organizes the International Youth Art Festival and Vltava international Choir festival, “Hard, As Water” Art exhibition, and various culture events.

The main member of ICA published books Live in BohemiaandPrague, Prague, introducing life of a Chinese in Czech and inspiration from Prague. In the meantime, ICA has been always trying to help the literature and art exchange between Czech Republic and China.