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22/11/2017 19:31
Su Tong & Ouyang Jianghe share their oppinions about Chinese literature, relations between society and literature, reading classic in Charles University.
03/05/2017 22:40
In the later afternoon of arrival's day to Prague, Mrs. Ye Guangqin entered to the kitchen and cooked the the commen home food of notherm Chinese, the fried soya souce, guests shared the different cooking style between Asia and China. There is a copyright agreement sign during the event, Verzone...
19/10/2016 20:53
30/09/2016 14:22
24/09/2016 05:00
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15/08/2016 02:55
The famouse Chinese writer Han Shaogong arrives to October Writers' Residence • Prague in the morning of 15th August 2016. born January 1, 1953 Chinese novelist and fictionist Biography Han was born in Hunan China. While relying on traditional Chinese culture, in particular Chinese mythology,...
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